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MaRous & Company was retained by the owner/lessor of a suburban office building in its counterclaim against a tenant that did not vacate its employees from the space it rented until five months after the lease termination date. Additionally, the tenant continued to house its office cubicles and a considerable amount of furniture in the space for an additional six months after the employees had vacated.

In addition to holding over, the owner/lessor also claimed that the tenant, the largest in the building, used approximately twice the number of parking spaces to which it was entitled during the lease term, severely hampering the owner’s ability to lease available space in the building.

The MaRous assignment included analysis of the rental market and consideration of the feasibility of our client being able to re-lease the vacated space in a weak office market. The inclusion of holdover provisions in commercial and office leases also was considered.

After the testimony of Mr. MaRous and of other expert witnesses in a bench trial, during which the tenant claimed zero damages, the judge entered a judgment exceeding $500,000 for our client.

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