Expert Services

Clients with high-profile or challenging properties rely on MaRous & Company for:

  • Special expertise in the valuation of unique and complex real estate
  • Extensive experience in providing expert-witness testimony
  • High-quality appraisals conducted by qualified and competent professionals
  • The reliable valuation of industrial, commercial, residential, special-use properties, vacant land, and many more property types
  • Significant experience in valuation issues such as partial interests, condemnation, damage impact, bankruptcy, marital dissolutions, and easements (including aerial and subsurface)
  • Professional staff supported by skilled administrative, editorial, and production personnel
  • A consistently high level of service and individual attention to each client
  • Service tailored to the specific needs of law firms; financial institutions; corporations; builders; developers; architects; school districts; and all levels of government and its agencies
  • The personal review of every appraisal by Michael S. MaRous, MAI, CRE

Professional Appraisals

Oral Report: Oral reports are provided to MaRous clients to inform clients of certain conditions in advance of any written/documented appraisals.

Restricted Appraisal Report: A restricted-use appraisal report is the only report that can be used when the intended user is strictly the client–not a bank, insurance company, probate court, etc. The restricted-use appraisal report has limited reporting requirements such that the report may not be understood properly without additional information in the appraiser’s work file.

Appraisal Report: A standard appraisal report gives an opinion of value along with detailed supporting information about the property and value opinion.

Other Expert Services & Comprehensive Consulting

  • Appraisal Reviews
  • Highest-and-best-use studies
  • Marketability studies
  • Rent Studies
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Market Value Impact Reports
  • Consulting Opinions
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